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And when your Vote is stolen?

March 31st, 2016 | Posted by David Whitfield in Political Justice

And when your Vote is stolen?

Your vote is tinkered with and there’s no way of verifying it, no audit trail? And that’s because private corporations own electronic voting machines and the software is proprietary; and there’s no way to check the validity of citizens’ votes. Where’s the outrage? And we call ourselves a democracy?

What’s sadder is this less than-3-minute video on voting machines:


Who will steal the 2016 Election by flipping or stripping votes? Who will go in at midnight and in seconds make your vote null and void? Will electronic voting be used to steal the presidential election in 2016 as was done in Ohio in 2004?  Amy Goodman’s interview of Harvey Wasserman about stealing elections is more than troubling; in my view it is criminal.  Per Mr. Wasserman, “electronic voting was used to steal the presidential election in Ohio in 2004.” Please review the transcript or watch the video at: http://www.democracynow.org/2016/2/23/could_the_2016_election_be_stolen

What are your comments?












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