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Colorblindness is a form of racism, a nemesis, and a barrier to dismantling it

March 9th, 2019 | Posted by David Whitfield in Racial Justice


When former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz was asked about the two black men arrested in a Philadelphia Starbucks, he replied, “As somebody who grew up in a very diverse background as a young boy, in the projects, I didn’t see color as a young boy, and I honestly don’t see color now. …”

And he wants to be the President?

As a staunch social justice advocate, I couldn’t help wanting to talk with Mr. Schultz about colorblindness, or color-denial. Jon Greenberg, an anti-racist educator who lives in Seattle, points out that colorblindness invalidates people’s identities; it nullifies one’s individuality.

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2 Responses

  • Bob Sprague says:

    Good words David, I’ve nothing more to add except to remember, live and pass on your words. Thank you.

  • Buchi Muoneme, S.J. says:

    Thanks Prof. Whitfield. I concur. We must learn to celebrate our color differences rather than deny them. Such celebration will lead to true unity in diversity if we obliterate complexes from our pigmentation. All human beings are created equal.

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