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Follow-on to “Dear White America”

October 11th, 2016 | Posted by David Whitfield in Uncategorized

As a follow-on to “Dear White America,” please review the 5 min 17 sec video at: http://eji.org/videos/racial-terror-lynching-america-animated.

The Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) suggests viewing it as one way to start talking about Racial Equity. And that’s because one of our top hindrances is not knowing antecedent events that inform our current thinking/mindset.

Once you view the video, please note what thoughts came to mind, and,

1. What feelings surfaced?

2. What needs to be said about the content of the video?

3. What do you think we as a republic should/must/ought to do?

Other comments are welcomed!

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4 Responses

  • Tom Whalen says:

    That is a powerful video. The terror from American Apartheid is unforgivable. Nevertheless, it allows whites in other parts of the country to think it is a “Southern Problem.” It isn’t. Injustice, inequality, and racism is systemic across the country, not just in the former Confederacy.

  • Madelyn Harvey says:

    The one thought that I became more cognizant of after watching the video is the fact that after the emancipation of slavery another form of slavery evolved. Although Blacks were free on paper, they were never free psychologically or emotionally. African Americans still endured oppression in the form of discrimination and inequality. Although people of color in America have made some progress, racism and discrimination still exists. Native Americans were treated just as inhumane as Blacks; however, the United States Government believed it necessary to show remorse by providing Natives with special privileges and other amenities to compensate for the way in which their ancestors were treated. You would think that the same would have been true for Black people, but to my knowledge that has never occurred. It is time for this country to become empathetic towards generations of maltreatment towards African Americans by openly acknowledging the suffering that was endured and the impact it has had on Black People today. Some might say, “Oh well they have had a Black president, how much more equality do they want.” For those with this mind set, it is necessary to point out that President Obama also endured racism and unfair treatment during his two terms in office, which is a clear indication that although freedom from slavery is documented and legalized another form of slavery is evident and is present in the minds of those who believe in and support White Supremacy. I would have to be honest and say that I am not sure what can be done about the situation. Very little changed when Native Americans were compensated; currently, Natives have little trust towards White America. The pain and suffering from the past has left a stain that can only be erased by Almighty God!

    • Madelyn,
      First, I wish you and your loved ones a beautiful, prosperous 2017! Second, Thank you for commenting. I agree with your every word: compensation has been provided to every group except Blacks. Japanese, Native Americans, Jews in more ways than one, etc. I believe we’re the most hated group. Yes, Obama was elected POTUS; and he was threatened some 32 times daily–that’s daily. I learned at a MLK presentation two years ago. I struggle with strategies for us Blacks to apply to improve our plight. I have becme exhausted, especially after President Obama’s accomplishments and how many Whites treated him and still do. They, the GOP leadership, as you know, decided not to cooperate with him, putting parting before country. And that’s why we got Trump–and we really screwed the pooch by allowing him to win. I could go on; I just wanted to thank you very much for chiming in. Be Warm. Be Safe. Stay Healthy!

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