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Is it Failed Leaders or Leadership Failures?

July 31st, 2016 | Posted by David Whitfield in Educational Leadership

Is it Failed Leaders or Leadership Failures?

Which is it? Have we failed leadership or has leadership failed us?  I wonder about many failures of nation-states, failures in corporations,   police departments, schools, and universities. Is it because leadership characteristics, attributes, etc., are based predominantly on Patriarchal ideology?

Let’s look at a few failures affecting the world in general and each of us in particular. Nation-states are failing as evinced by hunger, fleeing migrants, refugees, incessant violence such as terrorism, war, hunger.   These failures are spilling over into other nation-states whose leadership is already relatively weak, tasked to the limit or almost absent, such as Greece, Turkey, USA, etc.

Many of our corporations are relatively well managed but poorly led; and that’s because seemingly management is simpler than leadership in that we manage things: accounts, processes, machines, other systems, etc., which don’t have a brain and don’t talk back. We lead people (at least we’re supposed to) who can think and deliberately challenge the leader; plus people talk back in different ways depending on what they think of the leader’s leadership.

When it comes to police departments, leadership is either flawed or lacking, given the number of shootings of unarmed citizens or civilians, use of excessive force, communities where violence is out of control, such as Chicago, parts of Los Angeles, and other cities.

Schools and universities where learning is supposed to take place, struggle in meeting their mission and goals as evinced by the number of functionally illiterate adults produced annually.  Example, there are some 44,000,000 adults who cannot read these words.

Often leader/leadership failures are amplified because there are no accountability systems that work; that too is an indicator of failed leader/leadership.  In the USA an example is our national (political) leaders/leadership—namely congresspersons. They do as they please; or they don’t do what they don’t want to do, with impunity. If they want to obstruct, they will; if they want to reject funds or bills, etc., that’s what they’ll do with little or no consequences.  After all, where else can one make $175,000 annually doing nothing? Why so much failure when it comes to leadership in any entity?

What if we replace patriarchal ideology with matriarchal ideology since men have seemingly exhausted theirs?

Please, I would love to hear from you.

Does leadership really matter?


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