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Patriarchal Leader Efficacy

March 31st, 2015 | Posted by David Whitfield in Leadership and Diversity

What just happened in Indiana?  Can you tell me where the good leaders are?  With few exceptions, our leaders have virtually zero efficacies.  I read some time ago that most leadership theories and concepts fail because they are based on patriarchal ideologies.  After thinking about it for about 10 seconds, I had to agree.  If we think hard about the patriarchal mindset versus leadership, we should realize that it’s about telling, not selling. It’s not about coaching, facilitating, persuading; it’s very parental.   Parental style leadership does not work effectively; at a minimum it has little or no efficacy.

Governor of Indiana exercised patriarchal or parental style leadership by telling businesses how to treat certain patrons.  Then when called on it, he tries to back-track; of course, it didn’t work.  Now what?

If you had the opportunity to advise Governor Pence on his leadership, what would you tell him?

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