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I am a very strong believer in social justice. I believe we citizens should share the burdens, advantages, and disadvantages as equitably as possible. That means we should restart the draft; that way we can share the war pains. It also means that we would not approach war as capriciously as we do. All classes of different social economic statuses would have the opportunity to serve and share.

https://www.theolympian.com/opinion/op-ed/article227280259.html When former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz was asked about the two black men arrested in a Philadelphia Starbucks, he replied, “As somebody who grew up in a very diverse background as a young boy, in the projects, I didn’t see color as a young boy, and I honestly don’t see color now. …” And he wants …
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 Impediments to Moving Toward Equity

September 15th, 2018 | Posted by David Whitfield in Educational | Equity - (2 Comments)

Impediments to Moving Toward Equity Ignorance is the first impediment to our progress to racial equity, gender equity, and educational equity. Ignorance is our number one enemy; ignorance means not knowing. If I don’t know your name, I am ignorant of your name. If I don’t know Native American history, I am ignorant of it. …
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What has happened to men?

November 30th, 2017 | Posted by David Whitfield in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)

Some organizations are trauma cultures for women instigated by men,  should immediately close their doors. Trump, Weinstein, Crosby, Moore, Lauer, and the like, must be held accountable for their crimes against women.  What is the suitable punishment for such men? Their apologies are weak, insincere, empty, and void of substance. Apologies for such egregious, sexual …
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While serving in Da Nang, South Vietnam, in 1968, I was approached by a Vietnamese woman with the “Free World Forces,” tears streaming, saying she’d lost her mother, her, husband, grandfather, and two of her siblings as a result of a mortar attack. She asked me to help her find plywood to repair her hutch. …
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Four-letter word Bites Leaders!

September 24th, 2017 | Posted by David Whitfield in Racial Justice - (1 Comments)

Why does this little four-letter word keep nagging leaders? I believe it’s because most leaders don’t have the courage to engage it, don’t have the capability to discuss it, and lack the capacity to formulate strategies to resolve it. And then there are those who don’t care. As a member of the Diversity Panel for …
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Moral Leadership and Political Inertia

August 17th, 2017 | Posted by David Whitfield in Executive Leadership - (6 Comments)

I believe our national leadership is in tatters! And that’s because our outmoded, national leadership structure no longer works; it no longer works because our leaders are almost never held accountable; and that’s because they know there will be no consequences for their irregular behavior. Think about it! What if our military leaders behaved similarly …
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Our national leadership structure must make at least one dynamic change: Vetting the US President. And that’s because our structure, though designed to give us exactly what we’re getting, is dated, unproductive, and dysfunctional. The main reason is our process of vetting the Commander-in-Chief is inadequate and not sustainable. One way to improve the process …
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February 1st, 2017 | Posted by David Whitfield in Racial Justice - (0 Comments)

  Don’t Talk about Race, Please Don’t talk about race!  I don’t see color. Well, what if we said the same about gender, poverty, disabilities?  I don’t see gender. Or, I don’t see poverty! That’s a serious and damaging way of denying the reality of a “different” other: an ethnically, racially, and ably different fellow …
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Eichmanns in Trump’s Circles—Banality of Evil?

December 31st, 2016 | Posted by David Whitfield in Uncategorized - (1 Comments)

What will be our collective role in the coming year? When Trump first came down the escalator and spoke June 2015, the madding crowd roared, cheered, sounding like an 18th Century lynching or a Super Bowl in action. I immediately thought that Trump could win the nomination. And when he spoke derisively of Mexicans and …
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