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Which Leader is Gutsy Enough to Bring Back the Draft?

October 31st, 2015 | Posted by David Whitfield in Political Justice

Who is gutsy enough to put it on the table?

Why did Master Sergeant Joshua Wheeler leave his family 14 times? That’s 14 tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and the 14th time he was killed in action. Less than 1% of Americans serve in the military to defend this country. I vote for bringing back the draft. And that’s because those of us who are able, should share the pains of war. Matter of fact social justice posits that we all should share the pleasure, treasure, and pains of war equitably.

I believe our military is worn out, tired of leaving their family, and fed up with being on food stamps, especially the 25% of families who are using food stamps to feed their family. We should ask what are they defending and for what? Are they defending the CEO who makes more than $3,000,000 weekly (that’s million), or more than $75,000 per hour? Who are soldiers protecting and why? Are they protecting those who escape paying little or no taxes due to loop holes? Who among us is laughing all the way to the bank every pay periods while soldiers line up at food banks and collect food stamps? It sounds like we cannot afford our military. Where is all the money going?

If we bring back the draft, at least the pains of war will be shared equitably, though that’s no consolation. War sucks especially when it’s based on a lies, as Iraq and Viet Nam. Again, when leaders lie people die.

What are your thoughts on bringing back the draft?

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